Mission Statement

The Center for Sustainable Agriculture Excellence and Conservation (CSAEC) has developed and uses best practices to assist farmers as they work to develop their farm using sustainable agriculture practices. The practices of these farmers are developed for farmers. We empower farmers, colleges/universities and industry experts to educate the public, businesses, schools, nonprofits and governmental entities of these practices for a better future. 

WHO are we?

We are researchers, teachers, farmers who work with CSAEC to show how we can use innovative practices to have a true triple bottom line solution.  This solution helps farmers feed more people with better locally grown food while protecting the environment and earning a profit.


The “eat local” movement allows more people to be involved in healthy lifestyles with food produced in their area without the issues associated with imported foods.

The recent development of advanced controlled environment technologies in aquaponics and hydroponics technology has made small scale, low transportation cost, low carbon footprint, urban friendly farms possible.

Small-scale farming can allow a family to have a profitable business like requires minimal time for maximum results, using sustainable farming practices.


CSAEC provides:
– Farmers the opportunity to try different practices and then works to connect them to funding that may support the new and innovative practices.

– Presentations to organizations to educate local farmers, businesses, schools, non profits and governmental entities about the use of science-based strategies for agriculture.

-Grants to fund student scholarships, construction of demonstration and experimental high school and college facilities.


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