• Changing the Hunger Landscape


    This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Researcher, teacher, and farmer Angela TenBroeck makes a passionate case for Aquaponics as a Triple Bottom Line solution for a business strategy to feed more people with better, cheaper, locally grown food while protecting the environment and earning a profit.

  • Apprentice Launched

    George Register was our first apprentice and we are proud to say that we were able to help George get a career job with Nassau County. George came to us and worked for 18 months to establish good work skills, learn a variety of skills in the construction trades and he developed into a valuable employee at Traders Hill Farms. While we were sad to see George go, we

  • Student Scholarship – William B. Cribbs

    The Center is proud to announce the first student who has completed all the required hours for scholarship has been accepted into college at Southern Illinois University Fisheries department.

  • TEDx Presenter Poster Released

    TEDx Poster

    In life, we all have things we feel passionate about. When I was given the opportunity to run this farm I never dreamed it would spark an interest that would allow me to check off one of my life’s bucket list items.

  • Aquaponics Can Change the Hunger Landscape

    TEDx Aquaponics

    Angela TenBroeck is the Founder of the Center for Sustainable Agricultural Excellence and Conservation (CSAEC) and Farm Operations at Traders Hill Farms. She is passionate about her work, and believes we can live in a world where no one goes without foo. Her vision is to use a very simple process known as Aquaponics to change the way we view agriculture in the 21st


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