Aquaponics Can Change the Hunger Landscape

TEDx Aquaponics

Angela TenBroeck is the Founder of the Center for Sustainable Agricultural Excellence and Conservation (CSAEC) and Farm Operations at Traders Hill Farms. She is passionate about her work, and believes we can live in a world where no one goes without foo. Her vision is to use a very simple process known as Aquaponics to change the way we view agriculture in the 21st century.

Her work is focused on helping people see the value of using sustainable agriculture techniques to change the way we “do” farming, where we not only farm but also increase the amount of food we can produce. She has been fortunate to be able to research and design systems at a farm in North Florida known as Trader Hill Farms. The farm is a large community service project where they repurpose former chicken farms into aquaponic grow spots. Trader Hill Farms continues that commitment to the community by offering an apprentice program, a program designed to give local high school students an opportunity to go to college and the best in naturally grown produce. The work at trader Hill Farms opened Angela’s eyes and became the big picture that has become the CSAEC.

Angela has a unique relationship with Florida State College Jacksonville, where she has earned 2 degrees. She was a high school dropout and proudly tells everyone she graduated before her high school peers in FSCJ’s High School Completion Program. FSCJ allowed her to learn about her possibilities and herself in so many ways, and she is honored to say she is a FSCJ alum. She could wax sentimental about how the professors in the Biology/Chemistry Departments that gave her wings when she worked as their Teaching Assistant, but that is a different story for another time.


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